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Warranty Agreement for LED Screen

  1. Territoryand Products

  This warranty applies in the territories of             . The commodities that are covered under this warranty are LED screen.

  1. Scope and Responsibilities

2.1 Scope:

During the warranty period, Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes, free of charge, repairing or replacing the defective components or parts with new or refurbished ones due to any malfunction or performance failure which are caused by the quality of material used or faulty workmanship.

Any damages caused by human factor not due to Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd., accident or force majeure, using components not manufactured by Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd., third party alteration, manipulating or changing screen structure or features, are not covered by this warranty.  For any problems not covered by this warranty or for screen for which the warranty has expired, Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. shall charge fees in accordance with the standards stipulated by Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. Overseas Service Fee Structure.

2.2 Warranty Responsibilities

Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. is only responsible for the material cost incurred during the maintenance stipulated in the warranty and is not responsible for any other damages, tariffs, tax and other direct, indirect or accidental damages, nor cost incurred by delays/downtime. In addition, all components or parts being replaced in the process of service are exclusively the property of Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd.

  1. The following are not covered by “the warranty”:

3.1 Any fading, scratches or deterioration of the paintwork on the screen is not covered in the scope of the warranty.

3.2 All the fragile instruments, wear & tear components or parts, or consumable parts, all screws and tool, which are listed, included but not limited as follows, are not covered by this Warranty:

  • Fragile instruments or components are buttons, switches, plugs, sockets, wooden case, fly-case etc.
  • Consumable parts are screws, power cables, network cables, hanging beam, steel wire etc.
    1. Terms and period of Warranty

4.1 The components covered in the warranty, which are purchased from Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd., shall be privileged to be warranted for [12] months from the date of delivery.

4.2All the components or parts, replaced within the warranty period, must be returned to locations instructed by Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. or be processed under the instruction of Shenzhen Topstar Technology Co., Ltd.

  1. This warranty is effective only on condition that all the following terms are met:

5.1 The operator is qualified to operate, use, maintain and service the screen under ‘The operation and service manuals’ after the necessary training by the manufacturer or their representative. 

5.2 The screen has been properly operated, maintained and serviced according to ‘The operation and service manuals’. And this screen could be refit only under the permission of the manufacturer.  

5.4Only the genuine spare parts specified by the manufacturer have been used. 

5.5 The operators must take necessary measures to avoid further damages when any failure occurs and contact manufacture immediately. 

5.6 The Payment stipulated in the Contract text must be properly fulfilled according to the Contract [               ].

  1. Notes:

6.1 This warranty forms an indispensable part of the Contract [                 ] and it has the same effect with that Contract.

6.2 This warranty is made into quadruplicate, two originals for each party, and comes into force after being signed by both parties.