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Indoor Wall Mounting LED Display

Indoor wall-mounted LED display means it will mount on the wall.It composed of multiple LED panels that splice together to create a seamless image.

Due to different mounting site has different sizes or shapes,so it need the cabinet has standards and with scaled sizes,shapes to fit your specific needs.Topstar had developped new types of indoor front mounting LED display with multi-functions to meet such flexible needs.

Flexible sizes
  • 1000x250mm(W*H),common use
  • 750x250mm options
  • 500x250mm options

Multiple usage scenarios

  • Wall mounting
  • Celing mounting
  • Stand poster

Support GOB LED Display Technology

  • Enhanced Durability: GOB provides superior protection level against collision,water, dust,shock, and static electricity,making indoor small pixel pitch can adapt outdoor harsh environments

  • Improved Longevity: The epoxy resin helps dissipate heat from the LEDs, extending their lifespan.

  • Solved Moisture: GOB Covers the entire LEDs foot to prevent the LEDs foot pin from being exposed to water vapor and causing a short circuit.

  • Maintains Image Quality: GOB offers high transparency, minimizing image distortion.