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LED display control system

LED display asynchronous control system

LED display asynchronous control system , also known as the LED display line control system or offline card . Mainly used to display a variety of text , symbols and graphics , or animation -based . The screen displays information by computer editing, pre- placement LED display frame memory via RS232/485 serial port , and then by the screen display to play back, with rich and colorful display , diverse . Its main features are: simple operation , low cost , wider use . LED display simple asynchronous control system can only display digital clock , text, special characters .

LED display graphics asynchronous control system in addition to function with a simple control system , the biggest feature is the display content can be divided into regional control . Support analog clock , countdown , pictures, tables and animation . Timer switch, temperature control , humidity control and other functions.

LED display synchronization control system

LED display synchronous control system is mainly used to display video in real time , illustrations, notifications, etc. . Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large-screen display . LED display synchronous control system to control the LED display work basically the same as a computer monitor , at least 60 / s update rate , real-time and little bit of the corresponding map image on the computer monitor , usually with multi – gray color display capacity , multimedia advertising effect . Its main features are: real-time , rich and expressive, more complex to operate , the price is high . A synchronized LED display control system in general by sending cards, reception cards, and DVI graphics .

LED control board

Display on the control card types , production control card companies , such as the Qing, Yang Bang , Yi-wide , Kim Han , etc. is simply divided into : full-color synchronous card asynchronous offline card full-color video off-line card With nearly two years the rapid development of LED display , LED control card market becomes more extensive , especially in 2009 just new from the U disk LED control card is used up , available serial port connected to a computer , can also be U disk transmission of information , the provincial PC -free routing, support for analog clock , water frame , U disk LED control card can be saved by computer , the provincial wiring .

C-type card ( Zoning card ) ( U disk and serial dual- Communications function)

1.Support a 4 sweep , 8 sweep 16 sweeping variety of indoor , outdoor , semi- outdoor single color display board , more than one card can be set arbitrarily .

2. support the water frame and analog clock function, a more prominent display content .

3.114688 points of the maximum controllable range of monochrome , two-color points by half, built – in 4 08 interface and four of 12 interfaces can be expanded to eight interfaces .

4.the display features : text , pictures , animation , EXCEL table , time , temperature, inverted (positive ) timer .

5.can be used to produce the first door screen, screen posters , car screen , and other kinds of various types of screen .

6.set the lock screen , built – in timer switch machine hours , can be arbitrarily set to use . LED control card.

7.the input information of the dual function of the serial communications and U disk .

8.support for multiple display functions of a U disk management to facilitate multi-screen centralized management .