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What parts Should LED stage rental screen have?

The LED stage rental screen system consists of:Indoor LED display, LED module, LED rental cabinet,LED power supply series, LED power cord, cable, various screws,LED control system, aviation plug, flight case box and other materials

A.Indoor LED display mainly includes cabinet, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc.The indoor fixed screen can be absorbed by the bracket magnet without using the box according to the actual situation;

B. computer: Generally, fixed installation use desktop computer. rental business, use laptop and external sending box;

C. LED controller system: Generally, the screen is not too big, use one sending card .The receiving card is actually calculated according to the length and height of the screen. We will give a suitable amount to ensure the display effect and cost

D. Power Distribution box:It is best not to configure for cost savings.It is very easy to have problems. The entire screen will have problems due to power distribution. It is recommended that customers configure under professional guidance.

E.Video processor: Generally, the fixed installation of the LED screen, not live broadcast, you can not use the video processor, If the LED display is large or needs to be broadcast live, you need to purchase it;

F.Multi-function card: It can provide parameters such as temperature, humidity and brightness.It can realize functions such as automatic brightness adjustment, and it is recommended that customers purchase;

G.Amplifier and sound: According to the installation environment, outdoor needs to be waterproof, customers can buy it themselves, or we can provide it together;

H.Steel structure: We provide CAD design drawings for reference only. Customers can make it locally or by our company;

J.Cooling equipment:Indoor LED display, in the normal environment, generally does not require special cooling equipment,Outdoor LED display, it is generally recommended to install air conditioning, axial fan cooling, in order to improve display stability and life.

K.Flight Case:Rental customers need to buy, and one flight case packing 4-6 cabinets.

L.In addition to being used as a stage background or indoor advertising, LED rental screens, It can also be used to publish information, enrich people’s cultural and entertainment life, and is a favorite information dissemination media.