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What is GOB LED Display and COB LED Display

GOB LED Display and COB LED display are two technologies used in LED displays, each with distinct approaches to constructing the LED panel and offering different advantages.

GOB (Glue on Board):
  • A protective layer of transparent epoxy resin is applied across the surface of the LED display module.
  • This creates a sealed and protected surface for the LEDs.

Benefits of GOB LED Displays:

  • Enhanced Durability: GOB provides superior protection level against collision,water, dust,shock, and static electricity,making indoor small pixel pitch can adapt outdoor harsh environments.

  • Improved Longevity: The epoxy resin helps dissipate heat from the LEDs, extending their lifespan.

  • Solved Moisture: GOB Covers the entire LEDs foot to prevent the LEDs foot pin from being exposed to water vapor and causing a short circuit.

  • Maintains Image Quality: GOB offers high transparency, minimizing image distortion.

COB (Chip on Board):
  • Involves mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a circuit board, creating a single, unified module.

  • This eliminates the traditional individual LED packaging,reducing production steps, improve efficiency,and reduce costs.

Benefits of COB LED Displays:
  • High Pixel Density: COB allows for closer placement of LEDs, enabling high-resolution displays with smaller pixel pitches.

  • Improved Viewing Angles: COB displays often offer wider viewing angles compared to traditional LED displays.

  • Cost-Effective: COB can be a more economical option, especially for smaller displays.

Common Uses of COB LED Displays:
  • Indoor displays with high-resolution requirements, such as video walls and fine-pitch displays

  • Applications where space is limited and a slim profile is desired.

How to choose COB LED Displays and GOB LED Display:

GOB is ideal for situations requiring superior protection against environmental factors.

COB is a good choice for indoor displays prioritizing high resolution,compact size and cost-effectiveness.