What Should we know when buy a led screen

When buying LED displays, many customers don’t know how to buy cost-effective products.There are also many users who collect information on this topic online, but they never get a satisfactory answer.So what are the factors that should be considered when purchasing a display?

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What parts Should LED stage rental screen have?

The LED stage rental screen system consists of:Indoor LED display, LED module, LED rental cabinet,LED power supply series, LED power cord, cable, various screws,LED control system, aviation plug, flight case box and other materials
A.Indoor LED display mainly includes cabinet, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc.The indoor fixed screen can be absorbed by the bracket magnet without using the box according to the actual situation;

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What is important to purchase a led screen?

Outdoor LED advertising screen should be waterproof and dustproof: To be used outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to face. The protection level of the equipment case must be waterproof, and the general waterproof level is IP65. Can operate normally in heavy rain;Dust is an important factor in reducing the efficiency of goods and accelerating the aging of goods. Outdoor display equipment should have a specially designed dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, and the dustproof level reaches IP65.

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LED display Repairing resolution

The demand for outdoor digital advertising continues to increase, Promote the rapid expansion of the market for LED display applications, User groups are also becoming more and more popular. What should I do with the failures that may occur during daily use? It has become an urgent problem for customers. This article has compiled a set of common problems in the daily application of LED display and a simple and effective solution.

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How to Service your led screen

According to the installation environment analysis of the rental screen, Generally, LED screens are mostly hanging or wall mount. With these two installation methods, the weight and safety of the rental screen are highly demanded. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked very high,with hanging way,Therefore, the rental screen must be thin and light. The connection must be firm and reliable, and avoid potential damage to the site personnel due to inadvertent installation.

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How to maintain the outdoor LED display?

        In the long-term use process,Outdoor LED display, Inevitably, various failures may occur due to factors such as pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, and environmental temperature changes.Affect the normal use of LED display,Even causing serious accidents.Therefore, regular maintenance of the LED display is essential. So what is the main maintenance of the LED display?

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Topstar Quality Guarantee

Technical training
Our company will train the users based on the manual, the use of the system  guide and guide to manutenção.o training includes the use of the system, maintenance of systems and equipment protection.

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LED display control system

Display on the control card types , production control card companies , such as the Qing, Yang Bang , Yi-wide , Kim Han , etc. is simply divided into : full-color synchronous card asynchronous offline card full-color video off-line card With nearly two years the rapid development of LED display , LED control card market becomes more extensive , especially in 2009 just new from the U disk LED control card is used up , available serial port connected to a computer , can also be U disk transmission of information , the provincial PC -free routing, support for analog clock , water frame , U disk LED control card can be saved by computer , the provincial wiring .

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LED display semi-outdoor and full outdoor have such a big difference

1. In the outdoor production, the glue is applied after the glue is applied, and then the kit is applied.

2, the outdoor needs to be fully waterproof, semi-outdoor does not need waterproof.

3, the outdoor brightness is higher, the brightness of the semi-outdoor can generally

4, the outdoor is made of fully enclosed box, the protection level is high; semi-outdoor is mostly made of direct aluminum or simple box, the protection level is low

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How to find your screen problem position

  Today, LED displays have become a part of people’s lives.Streets and alleys, square stations, you can see a variety of LED electronic displays of various sizes and shapes.It is a systematic project integrating optical, structural mechanics, electronics and computer science.According to statistics, 90% of LED displays have large or small faults.To this end, we summarize the main reasons for these failures,I believe that with these, we can control the generation of faults from the source and improve the quality of the display.  

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